Video Analysis: Mason Greenwood’s goal vs Wolves

Mason Greenwood scored yet another brilliant goal to secure Manchester United an important three points against Wolves. Running directly at a full-back and finishing from a tight angle has almost become a signature move for the teenager.

There have been countless goals from similar situations from the 19-year-old in his United career so far. The main things which make him so clinical one-vs-one are:

  • Ability to receive on the half-turn
  • Ability to set himself well with his first-touch so that he can instantly be direct
  • Being ambipedal (both footed) means the defender cannot predict whether he will go on the inside or outside.
  • Quick shifts can create separation from defender, giving space to shoot.
  • Shots are designed to be difficult for goalkeepers; quick, powerful, low shots.

Here is a video analysis of the one and only goal in the game against Wolves, where all of these aspects are on show from Mason Greenwood.

In these type of situations, Greenwood is so confident one-v-one against opposition full-backs and it shows with the way he peeled wide and demanded the ball be played to him. And while some would call this a goalkeeping mistake, Greenwood’s shot choice and execution are optimal and, in turn, make the job of the goalkeeper so much more difficult and ultimately forces the error.

United’s no.11 uses his instep to allow greater accuracy on his shot, which is pivotal when shooting from such an acute angle. He is also able to keep significant power behind the shot and having this solid mix between accuracy and power in his shots is why he’s such a consistent finisher;

With three goals in his first three appearances of the season, Mason Greenwood has started the campaign like he ended the last. The teenager has been one of United’s brightest players so far and this goal is just one example of how threatening and clinical he can be when in a wide position in the final third.

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